This wedding took us all the way to a beautiful resort in Mexico. The property of the Azul Sensatori hotel was just stunning. Even more stunning was the couple that made this trip possible. Marc and Alina asked us to come with them to Mexico to capture one of the best days of their life, with their adorable daughter, on a rooftop overlooking the ocean. They out did themselves in planning this incredible trip, for all their family and friends, that came all this way to celebrate with them!
While in Mexico I heard this said, “I know we did things ‘backwards’ but I could not have pictured this day without Olivia”. This has just stuck in my mind. Olivia is Marc and Alina’s daughter. She is the sweetest most well behaved little girl! This tiny blue eyed beauty got a hold of the microphone at the reception.  Many mumbles came out, but  also very clearly was, “I love you Mommy and Daddy”.  After a big aww, I’m sure a few tears came out from everyone at the wedding. I could not have imagined this event with out her either.
With all the laughter that took place this happy wedding week and all the fun new memories made, we are thrilled to share this video with everyone so they can too share in the fun!