It is really incredible how one thing leads to another. We traveled far from home a couple years ago to film a wedding in Illinois. That wedding brought us to second wedding. Michelle was a bridesmaid in that second wedding. After seeing her friends video she couldn’t imagine her and Luke’s wedding without Ever After Films there with them! We just loved how excited she was to have us there, of course we were going to film this gorgeous wedding! We love to travel, this was not the first time and will not be the last time we travel for our couples.

Michelle and Luke’s wedding was set up, as I said already, GORGEOUS! Their wedding took place at Pear Tree Estates in Champaign, IL. This was not the first venue they looked into but i’m thrilled this is where they chose their special day. They started folding origami cranes 1 year before the wedding. 1000 amazing cranes were everywhere you turned. Michelle has filled me in on the meaning of these cranes. “In Japan the crane is a traditional sign of long life and good fortune. According to a folk tale if one crane represented a thousand years of happiness, then one thousand cranes would mean one million years of happiness.” So Michelle, her Mom and Luke’s Mom got to work! We were amazed on how everything turned out. Along with the cranes they had antiques on every table. These were from Michelle’s Grandma who past away. What a neat way of keeping her close to the celebration.
The love that Luke and Michelle have for each other is priceless and I know it will last a million years!

Congratulations Michelle & Luke!